Alternative E-commerce Sites in Nigeria

Nigeria is fast growing into a force to reckon with in the internet business sphere. Several homegrown e-business concepts have received substantial financial backing. Aside from the well-known and prominent e-commerce platforms, other players are working round the clock to offer excellent and helpful services online. 

Here are some of the eight Nigerian e-commerce platforms that aren’t that well known: 

1. 500Shop

This relatively new e-commerce platform allows sellers to showcase and sell their products online. The platform is user-friendly, has a simple interface, offers 24/7 customer support and competitive pricing, and is fully customizable.

2. Autobox

This platform allows users to search for and buy car parts and accessories. The platform features a diagnostic feature that lets users conduct first-level diagnoses of vehicle issues. 

The feature does this by assessing symptoms, area, and a visual inspection of the car and offers possible solutions. Autobox assures its customers of authentic lower prices car parts and cost-effective repairs.  

3. YoungSoul

The e-learning wave hasn’t left behind Nigeria. The YoungSoul platform offers a platform called ‘VirtualClass’, an online learning and teaching aid to assist students in learning computer studies. 

The platform features interactive software with animated videos, simulations, and tests on all topics of the WAEC syllabus.  

4. PrepClass

This e-learning site was launched in 2013, and it uses web technologies to offer relevant local academic content such as class notes, past tests, and past questions.

The platform also provides interactive videos and audio to users (job seekers, undergraduate students, and high school students) on demand through their online services. The site also connects tutors and students for customized academic training. 

5. Jekalo

Jekalo is a Yoruba phrase that means Let’s go. Jekalo is a vehicle-sharing app that promotes carpooling in Nigeria. The platform is currently only available to users in Lagos. 

The site lets users share trips with others by providing a ride on the same route. The driver usually indicates their route, and users on that route can join the ride. 

The site authenticates its users through their LinkedIn/Facebook accounts or phone number verification. The trip cost is usually calculated automatically; the cost is usually around the same cost of using public transportation and is cheaper than a taxi. 

6. Callbase

Opening a call center is costly and requires much effort and time to set up and maintain. The Callbase platform provides companies with a simple setup that offers call center functionality in three minutes.   

Aside from the call center, the site also offers companies the chance to purchase a number from 50 countries. The site also features a click-to-call icon which companies can put on their web pages for prospective clients to reach them for inquiries.

With this platform, users don’t have to install any software as the site is web-based and allows physical mobility from one location to another.   

7. ChurchPlus

This simple, effective, fully featured church administration and management software. The platform assists churches in creating better relationships with members, measuring performance, and enhancing communication. 

ChurchPlus provides a phone and web app that helps churches manage member information and data and allows members to give to the church through web payment methods such as cards.   

8. Gingerbox

This platform offers daily delivery services for fresh vegetables and fruits to busy homes and working professionals. The platform offers its clients door-to-door delivery services at the most convenient time. 

The site also has a subscription service for corporates, evolving to offer their services to targeted customer bases.